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a Biblical small group discipleship process for people who desire to go deeper with God and others.

Available in English, spanish and chinese.

I have been involved in multiple ministries and groups as a leader and Untying the Knots of the Heart is the most complete, effective course for permanent life change that I have ever been exposed to or been a part of.

Eight Modules:

  1. The Impact of Spiritual and Cultural Origins

  2. The Impact of Family Background

  3. Your New Family

  4. Your Identity

  5. Addressing Your Emotions

  6. Addressing Your Pain

  7. Communication

  8. Re-entering a Hurting World

4 key principles:

1 Made for Connection People.jpg

Made for Connection

1. We were designed for connection.

God created us for relationship with him and with one another. We are healthy and thriving physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually only when we are in rich relationship with God and others. Anything that threatens our ability to connect with God or others threatens us on a fundamental level.

1 Everything Flows from Heart-2.png

Everything Flows from the Heart

2. Jesus said that when we know him, we will have wells of living water flowing out of us from within.

The Bible tells us everything (our behaviors, how we relate to others around us, etc.) flows from the heart, our inner life. God has always been more concerned with the condition of our heart than our behavior.

1 Profoundly Broken Connection.png

We Are Profoundly Broken

3. Because of the fall, our connections with one another, God, and our own hearts are deeply broken.

There is not a day that passes that we do not feel the effect of the fall.

1 Word Answer Bible.png

The Word is the Answer

4. God has given us the answers we most need to navigate life.

His Word contains insights into God and into ourselves. The gospel and the story of our redemption is far more than goods news or helpful advice; it is his rescue of us in the deepest sense.

This group was an answer to a cry for help from God. I have dealt with so many disappointments, deaths, divorce and depression - wanting so much to have a real, emotional attachment to God and to feel peace and joy. I am now gradually beginning to feel again.