Bringing spiritual, emotional and relational health back to God’s people

Taking the Gospel to the remotest parts of the Heart

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You’re in Good Company

Trusted by leaders of hundreds of Christian organizations and Churches


What We Offer

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A trusted small-group discipleship process

You can help the Gospel go where it was intended to go …to the deepest hurts, doubts, and pain of the heart. The results are simply life transforming!

I have been involved in multiple ministries and groups as a leader and Untying the Knots of the Heart is the most complete, effective course for permanent life change that I have ever been exposed to or been a part of.


Soul Care for Pastors and Missionaries

Everybody in ministry has times of crisis, major questions or heartache. We’re here to walk with you.


Powerful trainings for Pastors and Leadership

People think missionaries are brave for going to war zones or religiously restricted countries, but the scariest place you can actually go is your own heart.
— Kathie Carlson, Aphesis Staff

I have been in the clinical counseling field for over ten years and have been a Christian for 25 years. In the extensive reading and Biblical research I have done, I have never experienced any curriculum that compares to Aphesis. It is the most comprehensive and Biblically sound material I have encountered, and is applicable to people regardless of their demographics and addresses a variety of issues. I have seen truly amazing results in the lives of my clients. I highly recommend Aphesis Group Ministries.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”

- Proverbs 4:23

God says that everything flows from our inner lives (our hearts). Everything!

God brought me to safety, and through the community of Aphesis I was able to face those memories in the safety of His arms, and receive His healing and perspective.
— Lani, California

We exist to bring spiritual, emotional and relational health back to God's people.  

One of the most important organizations for the 21st century Global Church!
— Dr. Meyers, VP of Development

You’re in Good Company


Trusted by leaders of hundreds of churches and Christian organizations around the world.


"Spiritual transformation is not about behavior is about changing the source of the behavior."

- Dallas Willard

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