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We’re all about …


Spiritual, emotional & relational health for God’s people!



To equip, train and resource churches and Christian organizations to effectively address the Christian’s inner life.


Aphesis [af-uh-sis] definition:

the New Testament Greek word meaning release from bondage or imprisonment, forgiveness or pardon of sins (letting them go as if they had never been committed), remission of the penalty, deliverance, forgiveness, freedom, and liberty.

Our Purpose:

The inner life must be addressed! It takes intentional effort and time. It is critical that each of us begin to see and experience the Gospel the way God intended. It was not just intended to save us from eternal death, but to save and rescue our hearts from the here and now.

God says that everything flows from our inner lives—from our hearts. Everything!

Unfortunately, culture and dysfunctional family backgrounds are having devastating effects on the inner lives of Christians today. Instead of aligning our hearts to the great truths and realities of the Bible, most Christians respond to the intense pressures of life by acting on the instincts that have enabled them to survive in our fallen world.

As a result, toxic levels of anxiety, shame, anger, fear and other negative emotions are relationally paralyzing Christians at the same rate as non-believers. The outcomes of our inner life conditions are clear. Epidemic levels of divorce, relational breakdown, depression, teen suicide, workaholism, addictions and mental disorders of all kinds.

We are thought leaders in helping Christians talk about inner-life issues like pain, shame, identity and relationships.


Here’s How: