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What to Expect:


Can you relate to any of the statements below?

  • My relationship with God has grown cold and somewhat mechanical

  • I desire deeper, more satisfying relationships with those closest to me

  • I have struggled with depression or anxiety from time to time

  • I desire to better emulate God the Father’s parenting style

  • I tend to repeat behaviors that distance me from God and others

  • I have had challenges overcoming my dysfunctional family background

  • I desire to be more authentic in my relationship with God and others

Group Details

  • 15-22 weeks

  • 3 hours, one night per week

  • Co-ed group of 10-16 people with one male facilitator and one female facilitator.

  • Half of the time is spent in the large co-ed group discussing the week’s lesson. The latter half of the meeting men and women separate to discuss more personal application of the material.

  • Cost: $129

This group was an answer to a cry for help from God. I have dealt with so many disappointments, deaths, divorce and depression - wanting so much to have a real, emotional attachment to God and to feel peace and joy. I am now gradually beginning to feel again.

Can’t find a group in your area?

If your area doesn’t have an Untying the Knots of the Heart, we’d love to help you or someone else in your community start. Check out the how to launch with the button below.